Monday, October 20, 2008

A Sweet Surprise

all the way from Oklahoma, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Australia! I wasn't expecting this. Couldn't have been more surprised or tickled or touched. Donna, Kari, and Jessi got together and commissioned Natasha to paint a picture of the darling ballerina dress that Jessi gifted Amelie with a while back. Take a look at this.
It's a perfect, whimsical rendition on a happy backsplash of aqua, creme and pink. You guys are just so kind and generous to think of me and the doodle. I was really moved and actually did not open the package for several days. Had to sit with it, soaking in all the good intentions behind it, ya know? Natasha, you are so darn talented! It is such a sweet memento of a magical window of baby time. And how she made this card with the same image on the front, I do not know.
Natasha gifted Amelie with a cuddly chenille bear all dolled up in pink millinery and a blue vintage bauble. It's darling. Thank you so much.
Here are a few more pics.
And the doodle bug expressing her happiness and gratitude. Thank you girls for this box of sweetness. You guys really made my week.