Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holly's Fab Marie Tiara

Like so many, I've always been a huge admirer of Holly. Her artistry and talents are inspirational. Everything she does - her blog, her photographs, her artwork, her Marie collaborative (ooh la la!), her flea market finds, even the way she decorates her home just brings a bright spot to my day. I am so grateful that Holly had time to create one of her signature crowns for me. The Marie Tiara will have a prominent spot in our new home (nope, we're still not moved in). I love it so much and could not have been more pleased.
Oh, the splendor and decadence! Every inch is filled with rich detail and texture.

Check out the sparkle on those stars.

The Marie head came from here. Wish I would have bought more at the time.

Happy Day, Everyone.

I Need This

like I need a hole in my head. This is what happens when a girl stays out of Michaels and Hobby Lobby for an entire season. Her eyes go a little swirly when she sees the new Martha Stewart line and this gorgeous scrapbooking paper. Now, of course, it's not nearly as glamorous as the gorgeous real stuff that Donna finds and so graciously shares with us here. But, it's plentiful and cheap, and well, flocked paper of any sort is just fuzzy goodness I can't resist. I know you know.
I sure wish I could join all you Bellas in Omaha soon. I'll be there in spirit and will look forward to visiting all of your blogs and seeing all the gorgeous scenery. Prom night is going to be such an eye candy confection. I cannot wait to see all the photos and hear all about it.
I've really been enjoying the prize ribbons that Andrea and Bristol have in their shoppes. These two girls are so sweet and have the most beautiful things. Horse ribbons are so fun. (Check out the pink one that Bristol altered for the Doodle!) I find there are so many ways to decorate with them. Last year, we put them on our Christmas tree, instead of ornaments, and it looked amazing. Hope everyone has a happy week.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Book Giveaway

I've just finished skimming this book and would love to pass it along to someone who is interested in reading it. It's a great book with lots of photos, exercises and stories. First one to leave a comment, it's yours.
Congrats, Crystal! You won.

Red Shed Saturdays

I've been meaning to blog about the fabulous Red Shed girls for some time now. One post won't do them justice, but here goes. Located in Grapevine, TX, The Red Shed is a junker's delight. Partners Valarie Jolly, Michele McKechnie, and Michele Jones are the dream team of all things junky, shabby, creative, and cool. Valarie and Michele M. own and operate Riverside Travel. Through their world-wide travels, they have spotted and collected and carted home lots of good junk. Michele J. is an avid antiquer (apparently not a word, but should be, doncha think?) and flight attendant who has a knack for bringing out the beauty and functionality in time-worn items. Together these women are a force of nature. They have combined their talents and not only sell cool, affordable junky-delicious vintage-y goods but also offer ongoing art classes as well as yearly junking jaunts to Paris, France and Minneapolis, Minnesota (I'm hoping they'll put Round Top in the mix for next year.) Art and junk and travel. I do believe they have mastered the perfect trifecta.
The items you see here are some of the things I nabbed at their latest Saturday outdoor junkfest. On six Saturdays throughout the year, they stage themed vignettes in and around "the shed" and the shoppers turn out with gusto! These vintage blocks have certainly been chewed on and loved by somebody. And these Victorian ladies (I think they were 2 bucks a pop) said they wanted to come home with me.
My favorite find was this vintage metal Christmas sign.
This is the wood house collage that was recently made in one of their classes. It was so much fun. The instructors were great. They took us through all the steps and provided laughter and great snacks too. I can't wait to take more classes at the Red Shed. If you are ever in the Dallas area, be sure to check them out. Meanwhile, enjoy reading about their junking tales on their blog.