Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Need This

like I need a hole in my head. This is what happens when a girl stays out of Michaels and Hobby Lobby for an entire season. Her eyes go a little swirly when she sees the new Martha Stewart line and this gorgeous scrapbooking paper. Now, of course, it's not nearly as glamorous as the gorgeous real stuff that Donna finds and so graciously shares with us here. But, it's plentiful and cheap, and well, flocked paper of any sort is just fuzzy goodness I can't resist. I know you know.
I sure wish I could join all you Bellas in Omaha soon. I'll be there in spirit and will look forward to visiting all of your blogs and seeing all the gorgeous scenery. Prom night is going to be such an eye candy confection. I cannot wait to see all the photos and hear all about it.
I've really been enjoying the prize ribbons that Andrea and Bristol have in their shoppes. These two girls are so sweet and have the most beautiful things. Horse ribbons are so fun. (Check out the pink one that Bristol altered for the Doodle!) I find there are so many ways to decorate with them. Last year, we put them on our Christmas tree, instead of ornaments, and it looked amazing. Hope everyone has a happy week.


Corey Moortgat said...

Hi Kimla, so happy to see you're back to blogging! I'll have to add you back in to my favorites! And, by the way, what a cutie your daughter is turning out to be-adorable!!

In answer to your question, I struggle with the same thing. I usually work in a bound book, but then I get frustrated because I can't sew in it. One option would be to do your pages separately, and make them the same size as the book you want them in. Then when you're done with the page, just glue it onto a page in the book. In fact, I should take my own advice and do my books that way-ha ha!!

I'll look forward to seeing some of your pages-hopefully you'll put them on the blog!

Carmen Leigh said...

Hey Sweet Friend! Wish we were at Silver Bella this year! The man is out of town so it is me and the "he-men"! My computer crashed last weeknd so I lost a lot of stuff (and pictures) Yuck! Will try and email later this weekend! We are definitely headed your way for Thanksgiving! Talk soon! Love this horse obsession? Are they hard to make? Love,Carmen

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Your little girl is just the cutest, that`s for sure!
I loved going through all your posts!
You are so very TALENTED!
Keep up with the wondeful work that you are doing... and thanks for sharing and inspire us with...
Debbie Moss


Mary lin Huskamp said...

WELCOME back! The little one is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Hope to see you back at art retreats one of these days.

Here I am in Omaha and I can't go to Silver Bella.....I am here on Medicare business and am setting thru boring Medicare classes.

Take care!