Monday, May 28, 2007

Michael deMeng's Class

I took the fabulous Michael deMeng's Lightbulb Shrine class and made these two creations. Wasn't pleased with either one of them, but I just love taking classes with Michael. He is such a warm soul and talented instructor and, well, his classes are loose and fun, just the way I like 'em. The completed shrines were just amazing. I'm telling you they were all so cool and other-wordly...mine just stunk in comparison, but I had a great time anyway.

Michael's new book, Secrets of Rusty Things is out now, as is his new line of stamps and they are both so amazing! He doesn't do cutesy. Even though I find myself always "girling" everything up (hello...cupcake ballerina and ninja turtle?!) I like to push myself in a direction that I'm not naturally inclined to go.

I took his Holy Hot Wheels class in Portland last year and made the funky three cars you see below. At the end of class, he set up the race track and we put our cars to the test. My skull car was a finalist but, alas, it didn't take the prize. Great memories, though, and another wonderful class.

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