Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Things I've Learned As A New Mom

Revelation #1: First, we have never experienced a love so powerful, so immediate, and so pure as the love we feel for our baby. Everyday with her feels like Christmas.

Revelation #2: Newborns make a lot of different sounds. If you close your eyes, you might think you are in a zoo rather than a nursery. She mews like a kitten, eeks like a dolphin, grunts like a pig, screeches like a monkey, and squeaks like a mouse...all in her sleep.

Revelation #3: Husbands (at least mine) can sleep through all of these noises while moms seem to be hardwired to listen and respond to every peep that comes from their sleeping noisemaker.
Revelation #4: Just because a baby has wet and/or pooped in her diaper doesn't mean that she can't wet and/or poop in her diaper again in the next five minutes and then again five minutes after that. (see Revelation #8)

Revelation #5: Babies don't smell like baby powder and baby lotion because they're wearing it; Baby powder and baby lotion were made to smell like the natural scent of babies. (Jim's Revelation)

Revelation "#6: The purple/black cord thingy makes both mom and dad a bit uneasy. It's been almost a month now and that little booger is still hanging on! Still hoping that Cosmo doesn't eat it like Miranda's cat on Sex In The City.
Revelation #7: When changing out the diaper, it is critical to immediately place a new diaper under the baby's bottom. (see Revelation #8)

Revelation #8: In the middle of changing out an explosive poo, note that additional projectile poo can be sprayed at least two feet from said baby's behind. (Yes, folks, I have cleaned bits of poo off our bedroom wall and off the dry-clean-only velvet curtains.)

Revelation #9: My embarrassing record of not bathing/washing my hair for five consecutive days (initially set years ago at summer camp where they only had communal showers) has now been broken. Gross, but true.

Revelation #10: Must. Sleep. Now.


Scrappy Jessi said...

all true!!!
she's adorable!
you sound so happy, pooh and all!

Dawn said...

She is just soooo beautiful!

ArtsyMama said...

Love this post!!! Sounds like you guys are doing great:) She is a DOLL!!!!!
Big hugs

Andrea Singarella said...

oh, it all sounds so wonderful! I'm so happy for you and your husband and that sweet little cutie girl!

Babsarella said...

Awwwwe. So sweet. Can't believe it has been over 15 years since I've had such a tiny little cutie. I do have one more thing that I still remember..."when in doubt, feed". I would always think..."she can't possibly be hungry, she just ate"...yep, she was hungry.

Sugar Bear said...

She is so adorable!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

lol. cute pics of your little sweetheart!! Everything you said is sad,but true(and oh soo worth it!! :-)
Babies are such miriacles!!

Pixie said...

Ah, yes...exploding baby poo. I'm also familiar with the baby pee shower when you don't put the diaper over the front quickly enough either.

Sherry said...

Your daughter is beautiful! As a mom of 8 speaking, you'll continue to be amazed at your little one for years to come. Have fun and enjoy her! One more thing, isn't it amazing how someone so small and beautiful can blast poop clear across the room and then smile at you so you really don't even care!

Heidi ( said...

Adorable! She is simply Adorable! You will get sleep, I promise. I speak from experience. You will get sleep in about 21 years. From experience, I tell you....

Motherhood is joy, I promise that as well!

Hugs to your Precious One!
Everday Cookies

Heather said...

my heart is so full of joy for you! She is absolutely gorgeous! Your recent findings/learnings are so accurate (though I don't have children yet) and I can't wait to hear more!

Lynn said...

What a perfect little sweetie! She is amazing! Have fun--there is nothing like having an infant.

Gail :) said...

She is adorable! I can totally relate to all things posted! Careful not to try and wash the dry clean only velvet, unless of course you want way shorter window coverings (unfortunatly I learned the hard way)!

Anonymous said...

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Linda said...

She's beautiful! Welcome to this new world. It flies by... take in each moment. Bathing is certainly optional in these early days of motherhood.You are doing great.

Natalea said...

Oh yes..all those baby joys! It's so great to read how happy you are! Enjoy her to pieces! take care Kimla!
xo natalea

Donna Layton said...

Oh Kimla....she is adorable. I was absolutely belly laughing at this post. Babies are a real eye-opener aren't they? My husband could totally snore through any manner of grief that might have been going on under his nose during the night. So amazing and ANNOYING.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

She is SO adorable!! Such a funny post and it's all true! Why doesn't anyone warn us ahead of time?? LOL!!

Alison Boon said...

These are the things they don't tell you while you're pregnant. You have learnt fast. She is a beautiful baby. Well done.

Shannon J said...

OH Kimla! I love this post... every bit of it is SO VERY TRUE! I remember it all like it was yesterday! She is absolutely adorable!!! I'd still like to see ya, and meet the new little one! ;)

Candice Carpenter said...

OMG!!! This is sooo cute...and educational! My hubby and i have really been baby hungry lately. We promised that we'd wait until Rory is done with his masters in 1 year...but oh my it's been really hard lately!! You'd think the projectile poo comment would change my mind...nope. lol! Go figure!