Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things That Made Me Smile Today

An old loving cup. A bird made from tree bark.
Ribbons and trims.
A treasured piece of art.
Nubby fabrics.

And always the Peanut Patty.


Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets,

eeeekkkk look how sweet your peanut is!! awesome finds too!!
i have been filling my etsy with tons of vintage treats.
i have allot more to upload. hope all is well


cindy said...

Lovely indeed! Specially the little one! :D


Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Kimla!~~~Those things make me smile too :)))))~~And so does your cute little sweet pea :)))))~~~~XXOO, Beth

ArtsyMama said...

Wow, what gorgeous photos. Totally put a smile on my face too:) What amazing treasures you have and the greatest treasure of all...your little peanut. TOO CUTE!!!
Glad you are well.

Heather said...

Your peanut is SOOOO sweet! Adorably sweet!

I wore the necklace you gave me at Silver Bella 07 today and my nieces (who are 1, 3, and 7) were jealous! They argued about who got to sit next to me and my "old birdie" necklace! Thank you again!

Carmen said...

Super Yummy! Especially the Peanut! SHe is so beautiful! Finally sent you an email, :)! Have a great day! Love, Carmen

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

oh my gosh!! your little cutie is adorable!! gorgeous pics!! lovely!!
Thanks soo much for the info about the mirror Kimla!! I will have to try it!! I hope you have a fantastic day!!! xoxo!!! Britt :-)

Tammy said...

Oh, my nerves! I was all about the nubby fabric until that sweet little cherub popped into view! How CUTE is she?!?!?!

Star's Fault said...

OMG, beautiful smile, just lights up the page, doesn't she? I totally forgot what the rest of your post was once I scrolled down and saw the peanut.

Blessings ~ Eileen

Mary lin Huskamp said...

LOve the trims! And who couldn't smile when looking at your little peanut!


wanderlustnpixiedust said...

What a delicious stash of pretty stuff. That last photo gave me the biggest smile!

philippine beach properties said...

wow!!! These are all awesome!!! These things could really make us smile. Good day!!!

management training said...

What's the name of that very pretty little girl? She looks like a doll in her outfit. LOL!!!

Display Homes said...

hello little girl, you are so adorable, don't you know that?