Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Allow me to introduce myself.....

Hello Blogging Community! I am sooo excited to finally join the world of blogging and to have another outlet for creative expression. My name is Kimla and above is a pic of my husband, Jim, and me on our wedding day - about six months ago. I am still getting used to being married. It's like a wonderfully weird lab experiment that never ends!! Below is a pic of our baby Cosmo, also known as Cosmo El Gatto, Cosmo Bandito, and Possum Sue among other monikers. She is a big girl...about 24 pounds and has biweekly weigh-ins. Her goal is to get down to a weight that is represented on the cat food bags. (they stop at 22 lbs) My goal, dear readers, is to share my creative journey with you, show you what I'm working on, what inspires me, what I found at the junk store down the street, what I think is cool, and other mindless trivia. I hope you will leave a comment or say hello and introduce yourself.

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