Monday, December 4, 2006

I Heart Horse Ribbons

There's something very whimsical about vintage horse ribbons. You just know there are such good stories and feelings in their histories. I decided to dress a few up in honour of Teresa's first annual Silver Bella event and give them to all the fabulously talented instructors. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my trip to Omaha at the last minute and missed out on all the fun, but I had such a good time creating these that I decided to make a few more.

I love taking something old and giving it a new twist, combining vintage and new, and adding a bit of glitter and flair to the everyday object. Creating truly lifts my spirit!

These Christmas lovelies are now hanging on our tree.

Remember those plastic cake ballerinas? Well, they've danced their way onto these ribbons!
Then a few more with a wedding theme...

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kris hurst said...

these are beautiful-where is your etsy store?