Friday, March 23, 2007

Cool Country Cows

Took a trip home to see my parents, and, as always, I got a great home-cooked meal and a visit to the country. My dad has cows that often have twins. (Is this common?) Unfortunately, mama cow doesn't always recognize one of the calves as her own and refuses to let it nurse. It's nothing new to my dad and a pain in the rump to give the calf a bottle twice a day, but it's always fun for a city mouse like me.

Meet Jack. He has an appetite as big as his eyes and sucks a bottle like a pro. What a cute milk mustache! He's doing pretty well, although he may need years of therapy for abandonment issues. Man, farm life is harsh!

After feeding Jack, we (well, I watched) loaded hay onto the trailer and drove to the ranch to feed the other cows. Rosco expertly picked up the round hay bales and placed them on the trailer. Other cows came running to get a nibble of the hay before we pulled off. Then, we carefully made our way through town (slow on those turns!) and delivered the hay. Daddy honked the horn a few times to let the cows know we'd arrived and, a few minutes later, here they came. Jogging over the hill. Mamas and their babies and one ginormous bull.

Farm livin' is the life for me!!

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