Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pretty Papers

Last week, I ventured to the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington, Texas to check out new product lines. They pretty much had the same things on the shelves of my local scrapbook stores. There was one booth, however, selling cards and invitations that caught my eye. On the floor were three baskets of beautiful handmade papers, all rolled up and tied with sassy bows.

What is it about paper? I've been in love with paper since I was a little girl. All of you out there who can relate...well, we must be from the same planet or something. Anyway, as I was walking around with my bags of pretty bundled papers, one lady said, "Excuse me for asking, but what are you going to do with those?" Me: "Uh...make stuff." It's paper, lady! You can do anything with it. So what WILL I do with it? I'm thinking these might be a major ingredient for some type of Silver Bella swap.

Add a dash of glass glitter, a bit of ribbon, a strip of crepe paper, and some vintage baubles and it might just appeal to some of those crafty Bella babes. I don't know though...the creative stakes are pretty high with this uberly talented group. Now I'm off to snuggle up with a steaming cup of herbal tea and this hot-off-the-press book.


ArtsyMama said...

I CANNOT WAIT to see this book. I pre-ordered it, so hopefully it will arrive any day now. I'm sure it's fabulous!!!!

Valita said...

Hi Kimla!
Wow you blog is amazing! Where do you take those utterly fantasic classes at? Those papers you found are extrodinary! Who is the maker?
I am so excited to be going to Silver Bellas!. Heather is planning on a Texas pre event get together so stayed tuned from her.

Heather said...

Oh my stars - how did I ever manage to miss out on THAT booth at GASC??!! I wish I had known you were going to be there - I would have made a special visit back to meet up with you! (I was only there on Thursday). I've had such fun flipping through your entire blog! SO glad to see someone else snatching up that Martha goodness!