Monday, October 29, 2007

Paper Portraits - ArtFiberFest

My favorite class of ArtFiberFest was Paper Portraits taught by Pam Garrison. The piece above was made by Pam. It's so sweet...just perfect for a nursery. Pam is such a patient and easygoing instructor. She has a knack for making everyone feel comfortable no matter what their skill level. The two below were made by me. I was trying very hard to channel Pam. I love the process of sewing on paper and adding all the vintage wallpaper and delicate ephemera to the canvas. There is a sweetness and a fragility to these paper portraits that I really like. I definitely plan on making more of these in the future.


ArtsyMama said...

Love these!!! You definitely channeled Pam. Great job:) You seem to have a baby theme going on here. Cheers!

jessi nagy said...

just darling!!!
o i can't wait to take classes at silver bella!
can't wait to meet everyone too.

jenny holiday said...

I LOVE them to bits and bits and bits!! So so pretty!!! Great job!!! You should create some for sale...hint hint! :)

LOVE them!!

xoxo Jenny

Cheryl said...

I adore these!