Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Few Good Things

What is it about the month of December that makes it just fly by? There's the usual hustle and bustle to buy gifts for loved ones, attend holiday functions, gear up for family get-togethers, and feel merry and light in the process. I love Christmas, but this year, we are gearing down a bit. In the midst of a major home remodeling project, we decided to skip the outside lights and Christmas tree. Next year, with Baby A in the house, we'll bring it all out with gusto, but for now, just a smattering of Christmas decor will have to suffice. One of my favorite decorations is the above vintage ornament wreath I found on ebay a couple of years ago. It's loaded with color and vintagey goodness and really, with a great stash of ornaments and a hot glue gun, would be fairly easy to recreate. This is another spectacular wreath from a Dallas based store. Anything sparkly and glittery captures my attention. I'm so easily entranced. Recently I saw an eye catching gift idea in a magazine - a clear container filled with pretty foil chocolate covered oreos. Does anyone really need this? But, what a cool gift...it just looks so pretty. Now, I'm the last person on earth who needs to be eating chocolate covered oreos, but when I saw them (a pack of 12 for about $8.99) and a mini clear glass container ($9.99) at HomeGoods, I buckled. That glimmering foil is just so darn pretty. But I'm just lookin' at 'em...not eatin' 'em...yet.
Another good thing at this store caught my eye recently. Baby A needs a small flock of sheep to watch over her or maybe she'd like to count sheep to help her go to sleep. These sweet and super soft lambie pillows will look great in her nursery, but for now they wanted to graze in the backyard and soak up a little sunshine. (We had a high of 71 today.) Hope everyone is having fun gearing up (or not) for the holidays. Hard to believe the year 2008 is almost upon us. Seems like yesterday, my sister and I were dancing to Prince's 1999 on the eve of the millenium. Time sure does fly, but I have a feeling that 2008 is going to be a very good year.


Flea Market Queen said...

Love the ornament wreath...
They are so fun!
And I am such a sucker for apothecary jars, all jars for that matter! Yours looks fab...

wanderlustandpixiedust said...

I'm a sucker for apothecary jars too. Especially antique ones. Wish I had a whole bunch.
Those little lambs are darling!!!!

jenny holiday said...

Fun fun fun!!
Everything is so so happy, cheerful, and sweet!!

Love the wreath to bits!! And yes indeed...EVERYONE should have an apothecary jar full of candy colored foil wrapped oreos!!

The lil lambies are truly adorable!! Love them!! I am so excited to see pics of the lil one's nursery! It must be a lil wonderland!! :)

Best Best Wishes!!!
xoxo Jenny


fromthepines said...

THe sun! And no snow - 71?!!! Are you kidding? We might make it to 30 today.
Those sheep are so cute! I too would have to buy the oreos... c'mon oreos! But to have them wrapped like that is so cool - maybe it will make you not eat them.

Good luck with that....lol