Monday, December 31, 2007

She's Gone Underground

Well, my blogging habit (which was never all that great to begin with) has moved from the back burner to off the stove completely. The treadmill is going pretty fast these days and I'm struggling to keep up with life as I know it and preparing for a life I'm about to know in less than, oh, two months. (gulp!) Jim has finished laying hardwood in the study and is now leveling and sanding the living room floor. He's doing a great job, but it has been a slow process.We are definitely in worker bee mode - he with the floors and me with decluttering, organizing, and making lists of what we need for Baby A. We've signed up for Lamaze classes, breastfeeding classes, and baby care/CPR classes. From what our friends say, we'll forget all the information anyway but, as new parents, of course we're going to sign up. So, all the creating is going on in my belly now and not in my studio. No antiquing. No flea market junking. No glitter and glue. Do you know how there is sometimes a fine line between sheer excitement and overwhelming anxiety? Well, I seem to be vascillating between the two emotions on a regular basis. I have always wanted a baby ever since I was a little girl and now it is coming true. I wish the world could be perfect for her. Or, at least I want the house to be semi-dust free. It's coming. We're getting there. Bear with me.


Scrappy Jessi said...

happy new years!!
hopw you had a great christmas!!!
you will have plenty of time to glitter, after all your having a girl!
she will want to do all the things that mommy does!
take it easy and enjoy the last few weeks with your hubby!
god bless you!
can't wait to see that cute bundle of pink joy!

Anonymous said...

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Andrea Singarella said...

Oh, I hear ya! But, you know, that baby love is so much more important than a blog or anything else in the world for that matter! Enjoy these last weeks of "you". Your life will soon change forver. In good ways. Oh, and SLEEP while you can. :)
I cannot WAIT to see the baby pictures!! So excited for you!
xo andrea