Friday, February 15, 2008

Hospital Swag

As my due date approaches, I thought it would be fun to prepare a few tokens of appreciation to hand out at the hospital, kind of a modern day cigar. For the past, oh...nine months or so, I've been doing something that is probably not in my best emotional/mental interest (other than eating French fries, peanut butter, and any dessert within a half-mile radius). I've been watching those birthing shows on the Discovery channel. I tell myself I'm "educating myself" but really I think I'm just working myself up into a lather on all the things that can go wrong. Like the epidural not working. The baby gets stuck in the birth canal. You get the drift. My husband just shakes his head at me. (In fact, I've caught him deleting several episodes off of Tivo because they were "too intense.") Anyway, what I've picked up on in these shows is how the labor and delivery nurses are the ones who seem to do most of the work and provide most of the care. The doctor just breezes in when the baby's head is crowning and does his or her thing, but the nurses are the ones who are around to encourage and support and, more importantly, page the anesthesiologist when it's time for drugs. Let's just say I want to have a nice, friendly relationship with my nurses.
One of my favorite gift ideas for someone I may not know very well is a really fun pen. I love these Tornado Retro 51 pens and have given them as gifts many times over the years. They come in all kinds of colors and designs. I actually buy them at a local store (at a better price) and keep them on hand in the gift closet. And they come in a cool metal tube with the motto, "Life's too short to carry an ugly pen."
Since Baby A should arrive in February, I thought a box of Mrs. Field's chocolates might be fun to give as well. I hope the hospital staff will enjoy these. They have such an important job and they affect so many people's lives (when they're at their most vulnerable!) that they deserve to be thanked and appreciated on a daily basis. If anyone deserves a little swag, they do.


Scrappy Jessi said...

kimla these are so darling! your mojo is still flowing! what fun gifts!!!
can't wait till the birthday!

Sugar Bear said...

What a great idea. I'm willing to bet there is not a high percentage of people giving the staff gifts. They will love you!

ArtsyMama said...

You are too cute, dear! The staff will LOVE them and be very, very surprised, I'm sure. You sure are nesting, aren't you dear! Love it that you're still creating. Can't wait to hear about the little darlings grand entrance.

Shannon said...

You amaze me! Here I am, just a few miles away... (actually I was a hop, skip and jump away the other day- I decided to take a look at CCA for anything fun). When I was pregnant, I had never thought of sweet little gifts for the staff... And I am kicking myself now. ;) What a wonderful idea! And they are SOOOOO adorable! Tick, tock, tick tock! Can't wait for the day! ;)


Maria said...

What a great gesture. Im sure the nurses will really appreciate it.

jenny holiday said...

Mind blowingly CUTE!! And reeeeeally sweet and thoughtful!! You will surely be remembered for a very very long time!!

Everything you do just makes me light headed! Perfect!!

Best Best Best wishes to you both!! Aaron and I will be sending happy, healthy thoughts your way!

The nursery looks so sweet and cozy!!

Lots of Love!!!!!!
xoxo Jenny

Anonymous said...

Kimla those gifties for *Baby Day* are sooooo adorable!! I keep checking in waiting for some good news!! :) So exciting!!! xoxox P.S. Totally going to be on the hunt for those pens now, too!!


Teresa McFayden

carmen said...

You are so crazy! (in a good way, of course!) First Thing, No More Birthing Shows! Scott put me on restriction from those puppies when I was pregnant with Logan. They are a definite "No-No" to us, "OLDER MOMMIES". Secondly, you have a beautiful heart, girl, to be thinking of the staff. I am in AWE! Sending you positive "Mommy Vibes"! Take care of yourself and little one!

The Tattered Rose said...

I'm a regular reader/lurker here, but i just had to break my silence to say how cute your baby preparations are! To think most mommas-to-be just pack a bag for the hospital, but you have prepared "party favors" for the "attendees." I'm so glad i get to be part of this lovely arty world. I'll be checking back for further news of the blessed event. Congratulations and Good luck. Trish G.