Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day Trip to Hico

My husband and I took a fun day trip to Hico, Texas. Why you ask? Well, Hico is the new home of the fabulous Homestead store. If you've ever been to Tim and Carol Bolton's original Homestead store in Fredericksburg, Texas, you know what a visual feast their store provides. The Hico store is just as cool. First of all, it's in an old restored opera house, decorated with vintage, funky finds such as old mounted fish on plaques, a grand marble church altar, apothecary bottles, stuffed pheasants in bell jars, tattered, one-eyed teddy bears, bolts of what I like to call "dusty" colors - faded, muted, antique-y, Grandma like patterns and colors, without that annoying old person smell. Such a visual treat. It's hard to believe that such a cool store exists in such a small town. Bummer that they didn't let me take pictures in the store, but I did snag this one of the side of the building.

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