Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Vintage Horse Ribbons...

...all decked out in their finest summer frippery and ready to party! These are just so much fun to make. I can't seem to get enough of them! My goal is to make each one unique, with its own little personality. I use rhinestones, ribbons, crystals, glass glitter, and vintage items on each one. Most of the ribbons have the winning horse's name on the back, and they are a little stained (sweat? manure?) and battered...just adds to the charm. It's fun to imagine a horse wearing a wreath of these over-the-top ribbons.


ArtsyMama said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! You are such an inspiration. Are these for sale?
LOVE them all!!!!!

jenny holiday said...

Kimla!!!!! Geez they are just beeeeyond fabulous!! LOOOVE them all to bits!! When are you going to open an etsy shop????? Tonight I hope!! :)

xoox Jenny

ps..saw your tags from Kris Hurst on flickr!!! FABBBBBBBB!!!!!!

Cerri said...

They are all truly fabulous!!! I love them all!
I just found your blog from a photo of some tags Kris Hurst made for you and posted on flickr!
Looks like a wonderful I'm just trying to see if you have a shop!
~cerri xoxo

teresa said...

Oh those are so wonderful! I still totally treasure mine from you. Love it. You are so original!!

jessi nagy said...

these Rock!!!
I love the one with the white merry go round horse.
to die for!
Your so talented!!!!
Jessi Nagy

Dawn said...


Don & Angelina said...

LOVE THEM!! Are you selling? I will buy! Thanks,Angelina

Laura K said...

Wow! Those are so original - I love them!

katydiddy said...

Really beautiful! Love them.

Jennifer said...

OH WOW! They are all sooo lovely!!! So, so sweet!!!!

Charity said...

Well aren't these fun! I haven't seen anything like these before. :) You did a great job.


Sleepy Hollow Craft Company said...

OMG!! I love these!!! Do you sell these??? I would love to have one..or two...or three.....LOl
Please let me know :)