Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Random Post

This has been a very blah, draggy kind of week for me so far. Just haven't felt up to much creating. My husband and I rented The Last Mimzy last night. It was very good, much more complex and thought provoking than your average kid's movie. I have always been partial to rabbits and Mimzy is certainly a cute one. Love the name Mimzy...been calling my hubbie and cat Mimzy for the past 24 hours. They ignore me of course. The idea of time travel is so fascinating. In the grand scheme of things, we really are only here for a brief blip in time. Life is fleeting and precious and beautiful. Wouldn't it be great to be able to travel through time?

After reading about the Angels for Brianna auction, I felt almost sick with sadness. How that mother had the strength to post blog updates on her daughter's condition, I'll never know. When faced with adversity, I guess we do what we have to do. All of those amazing pieces of art must certainly be infused with incredible love and hopefulness and positive energy. They are all very special. What a gracious, heartfelt offering these artists have made! A very sweet and tender act on their part for a loving family in grief.

This morning, my mother phoned to tell me that one of my high school classmates had passed away. Growing up in a small Texas town is not perhaps the best place to be if you are gay. This young man was sweet, funny, kind, and creative, and, unfortunately was often misunderstood, rejected, and teased. My heart aches for him and his family and friends.

There is one powerful lesson I learned from his life. He modeled being true to one's self. As hard as it must have been, he was just himself - sweet, witty, creative, flamboyant at times. (Once he came to school with green hair. Oh dear..small town scandal!) He had the courage and the self-worth to be himself. He didn't adapt just to fit in or to fly under the radar. He sang his song loud and clear. I so admire his spirit and for walking his own walk. I've been thinking about him all day long.

Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer guys. Sometimes life is harsh and we need to get still and be quiet and just rest our heavy hearts. Here are a few pics of some recent junking finds and a photo of a hand-me-down Mimzy soaking up the sun.


katydiddy said...

This has been a long, hard week for me too. Something in the air, I think. Your great photos cheered me up though! You have really got some goodies girlfriend!

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