Saturday, July 14, 2007

Silver Bells

Ventured over to Paper Planet last Saturday for a journal making class. It's so pleasant to create in this cute little store and smell delicious cake baking all afternoon! (there's a bakery in one half of the store!) Decided to make an album for Silver Bella. It needs to be foofed and glittered up a bit, but I'm diggin' the pink and silver flocked paper. It's wonderful to have an event like Silver Bella to look forward to. I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and they are already putting out their Christmas decorations. Yes, it's definitely ridiculous and reeks of maniacal marketing, but it is kind of handy when we artsy/craftsy types need a little holiday pouf and floof for our projects. Speaking of projects, I'm hoping to make some Christmas frames inspired by this fun find.


jessi nagy said...

ok that frame SCREAMS silver bella. how fun. love your journal too. to cute.
jessi nagy

Jennifer said...

Ooooohhhh! I LOVE the frame!! So kitsch! Your journal looks awesome,but Im sure with some "froof" it will look over the top! :)

jenny holiday said...

Ohhhhh myyyy goodnesss!! That frame is edible edible edible!! Where did you find it? Fantastic!! Well, I am placing my order now for one! :) (If you planned on selling your wares!):)

Just so so happy and magical!! Love it to bits!!!

Cannot wait to meet you at SB!!!

I sooo look forward to your blog posts!!

xoxo Jenny

kris hurst said...

genius-I'm blown away by this idea!
love it-Kris

teresa said...

ohmygosh...adorable frame!!! And I am as anxious as you are to see the Silver Bella journal filled with happy times and mementos!!

ArtsyMama said...

Oh my gosh...LOVE that fame. Wowee!!!! So wonderful!!!!!
Love your journal. Can't wait to see it in person in a few months.

bluemuf said...

I love the journal and look forward to see how you foof it up.

That frame is wonderful


Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Oh that frame is too, too much in the best of ways!! Love it!!!! xo-Mel

Don & Angelina said...

I WANT THE FRAME! ANY PRICE! LOL. That is so wonderful! Please make some I will buy them for sure! Thanks,Angelina