Thursday, September 27, 2007

In-laws, Tasty Kakes, and Ribbons

Well, I'm definitely out of my blog groove. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever had a blog groove since I seem to be averaging a measly post a week. There just never seems to be enough time! Jim and I just got back from a quick trip to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for a visit with his family. The weather was so nice and pleasant. It had that crisp "fall is in the air" feeling. We don't get that feeling much in Texas so it was nice to soak it in. Funny thing is my favorite season is fall even though I've never truly experienced it in a big dose. (For example, it's September 27th and our high today was 94 degrees. Yowsa!) We didn't have time for much exploring but took a stroll down South St. in Philly and had some good pizza. Also, I had my first Tasty Kake. My husband has been talking about these things since I've known him. They're cheap convenience store snacks equivalent to Little Debbies, but I must admit...they are yummy. We OD'ed on Kandy Kakes (chocolate peanut buttery things), cream filled chocolate cupcakes, and cherry pie. So good! And while they may not be on the diet, trust me...when you're visiting the in-laws, a little sugar rush (or any kind of drug for that matter) can calm the nerves.
I've been working on a new batch of vintage ribbons - these have a childlike theme and are destined for a baby shower or nursery wall. Sweet little lambs, bunnies, and kittys to look over a sleeping babe. I tend to produce these ribbons in themes and am currently working on a Halloween theme but so far I'm not at all pleased with the results. I'll keep trying.
I'm also hoping to open an etsy store by the end of the year. Vintage altered horse ribbons and decorated holiday frames like these will be offered plus some other fun and funky things. Hope everyone is enjoying their fall season. Can you believe October is almost upon us?!


Erin D. said...

Oh WOW those ribbons are GORGEOUSSSSSS!
I love all three of them , but I think the bunny is my favorite! Heck with a nursery, I would hang it on MY wall! haha! :O)

Seriously, you are very talented and those are so beautiful! The bunny, oh the trims.. love, and the sparkle and everything, love it!

Hey, I know what you mean, I am trying to get in a blog groove too!

How did you like PA? I live in PA too, near Pittsburgh!

Nice to meet you and have a great day!

Erin D. said...

Oh and I just want to add can I tell you how much I LOVE those Holiday frames in the post below! LOVE them! Sooo CUTE!! :O)

Monica said...

Oh I love your kiddy themed ribbons! Can you pretty please open an ETSY soon!!!
I understand the whole loving fall but not experiencing it , here in the deserts of Phoenix we love anything under 100!

Natasha Burns said...

Kimla your ribbons are amazing! You are definitely the queen of the ribbons!!! And I love your festive frames.... so beautfiul!

Dawn said...

My PA sugar pill fave is the creme filled donuts made by Dutch Maid...
mmmm...You have to have those the next time you visit.
Your ribbons are fabulous!

jessi nagy said...

Hey kimla!
im glad you had a great time.every year we get cases of tasty cakes. we freeze them. they are fab!
i can't wait till you open a etsy store!!!! you will be super busy! everyone loves your ribbons, and frames!!!! you know how much i adore my little stash. i just might have to add that little lamb one. so cute.
you rock girl.
jessi nagy

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