Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Gift from Natalea

Natalea Kandefer of Kandeland recently had a give-away on her blog and I was one of the lucky recipients. A box loaded with all sorts of treasures arrived. Take a look at this haul. Vintage rose print fabric, pink and cream ribbons, a puffy metal heart (that's so cool), tulle with pink flocked hearts, a cute tag that she made, Victorian notecards, sparkly jewels, tiny pink show ribbon buttons (love those!), an alphabet stamp set (will be put to immediate use), yards of vintage lace and beaded trim, pretty pink ribbon, a yellow rose (for Texas?), vintage buttons in creme, white, and beige, and a cute white basket to hold it all. Thank you, Natalea!! What a nice treat this was.
You really made my day!


jessi nagy said...

kimla you lucky girl!


bluemuf said...

Just beautiful, I look forward to see what you make with some of the lovel items


Natasha Burns said...

LUCKY YOU!!!! fabulous stuff, just great!

Natalea said...

Kimla, I'm so glad you liked your package! It was so fun to put it together! Wish I could do a giveaway a day! Hope all is well and happy! xo Natalea