Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nice Matters

The fabulously creative, Princess of All Things Pretty - Jenny Heid nominated me for the Nice Matters Award. Wow! She sure knows how to make a girl glow on the inside. I am very honored to even be on her radar much less be noticed for something! I have often read that this particular community of artists is giving, supportive, and just plain fun...the kind of girls you want to hang out with during recess and have over for a slumber party. Although we are all unique, we share a common love of creative expression and we sort of just get each other. We don't question each other's bizarre collections of vintage items, the compulsion to stay up and create late into the night, the excitement we get when a new magazine or book hits the stand, the sheer delight in acquiring new art supplies, or the vicarious thrill when one of our blog sisters hits the estate sale jackpot. We are each on our own path, making our own artistic mark on the world, but our shared interests, support, friendships, and love for this journey are the glue that bonds us together. And, that is really nice.


ArtsyMama said...

I couldn't agree more with your sentiments here. This group of ladies is over-the-top fabulous. You are so deserving of this, my dear. You are such a sweetheart:)
Cheers to you!

jessi nagy said...

i agree too! we are all so unique!
You deserve this award. your just so cute. can't wait to meet you at silver bella. i mailed you package yesterday. (mon) let me know when ya get your goodies!!!
love ya
jessi nagy

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Oh congratulations on your award and I just had to tell you that I couldn't agree more with your description of 'our lives'. It is so nice when someone else 'gets'you, all of a sudden you don't feel so bad about buying a vintage wedding cake topper for way too much than you really should have..but you just had to have it! Great post, great blog! Warmest regards Linda Lilly Cottage.