Friday, August 3, 2007

Inspiration Swap

Time to share my Silver Bella Inspiration swaps. My giftor was Beth Quinn and my giftee was Lilli Beck. Both talented ladies have their own etsy shoppes which you can see here and here.

Beth's bundle of inspiration arrived at my house tied up with a pretty vintage ribbon. Inside were all kinds of fun things: buttons, ribbons, a crochet doily, a gingerbread game piece, white fairy wings, French vocabulary cards, an assortment of math flash cards, vintage papers, wallpaper samples, game board papers (is it Wheel of Fortune? Concentration?), vintage sewing hooks, and other assorted goodies. There were so many wonderful things; it will be great fun to create with this new supply. Isn't it great how someone else's stash can really stoke the creative fires?
It seems we all find different objects depending on where we live in the country, and it's fun to see (and receive) things that we may not so readily see in our own neck of the woods. Well, there's one more thing that Ms. Quinn sent my way. Get a load of her hand-made collage. Is that the cutest thing, or what?! A little fairy doll with the word "Believe" at the bottom. I love how she added different textures (a piece of lace, turquoise button, and tiny sequin) and how she added her own little scribbles and markings. So cute! I love it, Beth! Thank you so much!

And here is what I put together for Ms. Lilli. For the three things that I've had for a while and never used: a photo album/scrapbook, a board book, a vintage child's book, and some silk cocoons that I recently ordered from etsy because I thought they were kind of cool but have no idea what to do with. I'm hoping Lilli will pave the way to enlightenment!
The three things that have been inspiring me lately are: sheets of vintage wallpaper, a jar of vintage creme, white, and neutral buttons, and an altered horse ribbon (a Christmas theme in honor of Silver Bella).

Three things that I hope will inspire her are: a vintage pitcher (for her markers and pencils), a vintage bowl with purple and green flowers (her favorite colors), a wire hanging that says "A Time To Keep" to hang in her art studio, and a little soap to make the package smell good.
And for the handmade item, I fashioned her a collage to celebrate her wonderful blog, Make Mine Blissful.

A fun swap...looking forward to meeting both of these girls (and everyone else) in November!


bluemuf said...

Both inspiration bundles were amazing.


jessi nagy said...

dang! you are a lucky girl!
jessi nagy

eb said...

what a delight to visit you here - I love your pix as well - lovely combinations - and thank you as well for your visit and kind words...

xox - eb.

Lilli said...

Oh My Goodness, Lady! I'm so excited to get your pkg! I'm not surprised it's taking a while, since it's got to cross the border.......and since it's obviously huge! You are SO generous and thoughtful and I really appreciate how much heart you've put into this.

I'll let you know when I get it, and then I'll give you my blow-by-blow reaction to all these lovelies

Thanks Sweetie :)

Donna Layton said...

So much loveliness! Your collage is gorgeous and so is your little hanging, garland, whatever made from the game pieces. So creative. Very inspiring. Lilli is one of the most precious people I've met online. A true treasure!